Sway Enterprise specializes in a variety of top and bottom jean and jacket production. At Sway we provide the following services: (1) Cut Capability; (2) Sewing Services; (3) Pattern Making & Grading for clothing design; (4) Washing Development; (5) Sample Development; and (6) Digitizing.  We  provide consultation at a fair price.

Owner  Jose Marquez, experience  providing consultation, and support to various local, national, and international fashion designers in garment manufacturing.  Here is but few companies we have done work with SIWY Denim, JC Penny (Arizona Jeans), Express Jeans, Roberto & Hector Chavez (fashion team), Denim, and other clothing and fashion entities across this country,

For quotes and info contact Sway Enterprise at (915) 790-6583 or email elpasosway@gmail.com.